“Garnish” $1800  “Roads” $2400  “Starry” $1800

“Garnish” $1800

“Roads” $2400

“Starry” $1800

A truly unique and iconic design, CVC Stones’s signature diamond encrusted beach pebble pendants are a shop favorite. Every piece is one-of-a-kind and never to be repeated. Perfectly suited for casual daytime wear and sophisticated enough for balck-tie accessorizing, it’s near impossible not to marvel at the sparkle of each piece.

When Charlie de Viel Castel’s grandmother passed away, she left him a loose diamond as a gift. The desire to preserve one stone led him to another, and CVC Stones was born.

CVC Stones are crafted from pebbles lovingly collected from beaches all over the world and set with 18k gold and sparkling diamonds. We love the way the stones warm up while worn. Their organic quality keeps these luxury treasures grounded in the joy of daily living.

CVC Stones are a must-have for any collector or lover of completely one-of-a-kind items.